Disappointed in App Function Lately

I’ve been using wyze for quite some time now. Several cameras on the inside of my house. We started using a camera for my daughter’s monitor. I’ve seen several people talking about a iPad or Android device having the feed freeze constantly at a given time all the time. this has been happening with my baby monitor overnight. Quite frankly, that’s a huge problem. I can’t risk having my baby monitor watching my child freeze in the middle of the night God forbid something happen. I really like wise, and I hope they make this right soon. But this has been a constant struggle for the last four or five months, I’ve said something before in these forms, and nothing’s been done or addressed. It almost appears, and seems that through time and updates this issue has gotten more frequent and worse.

If anyone has a tip or trick to help resolve this issue, please let me know! That would be great. But I have contacted Wyze several times and not got a single response. Pretty annoying and disheartening considering they’re usually pretty good about things. I understand the pandemic has everybody in a rush and forgetting things and dismissing emails, and I get that, but a baby monitor is kind of important. And this issue has been going on long enough for me to to from frustrated to pretty angry. I really don’t want to have to go buy another monitor another brand. I love this ecosystem a lot.

Buy a real baby minitor. Wyze gets away with this because they aren’t considered a ‘security’ cam because of the reliability. Things that are important to you, go with a proven reliable and trusted brand. Wyze is none of those.

Prior to December 2019 I had very few issues with the Wyze system it was running great for me !

But ever since some issues got fixed but new ones may occur, while old flaky issues from the past reoccurs.

Seem to be untested updates, are getting more worry some to install …

“Wyze anomaly”, I’m calling them… when no one at Wyze seem to knows the cause. Some members have the same or similar issue but with their different one of a kind custom fixes for each.

WYZE cameras are not security or baby monitors. They are fairly good toys to use as a hobby. Watch the kids and pets in the yard maybe.
As the others have said, don’t rely on WYZE cameras as your only baby monitor.
At best you should consider them as a secondary addon to a real baby monitor.

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