Creepy broom waiting for me


Did you look back farther to see who left the broom there or how it got there? That’s the real video…


How was it just sitting there like that. Those brooms don’t normally stand on their own.

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Everyone thought 2020 was weird 2021 is getting even worse


I only have events recording on my old V2 for the garage. Although, a friend of the family just past a few days before and we just went to the memorial service today.

Sorry to hear that, maybe it is your friend saying hi. You hear about these things all the time.

Yes, 2020 was crazy, but then it turned 21 and started drinking. Of course it’s worse! :rofl:


Oh please. Mourn the loss of your friend. Don’t besmirch their memory worrying about who left the broom in the garage. It’s irrelevant. Jeez.

Could be fake , broom is attached to the ceiling with fishing line or some other doctoring of the video.
It’s amazing how many people will pull crap like that just to see how many people will believe it.
I’m not saying this is the case here but it is a possibility.
It is possible that the bristles of the broom are actually holding it upright.
@SirDave what did you discover after you checked it out after you saw the video?
You didn’t supply much information here about it

Huh? It’s leaning against the door. The video stops exactly where the thing is about to drop as the door continues to rise. Somebody left a broom against the garage door.


Good observation, but posted as some kind of phenomenon, lame :upside_down_face: :point_down:

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Easy to reproduce this …not sure if this was the case. Just dip the broom bristles in something to stiffen them up (i.e. glue, varnish, corn starch, or equivalent) and let dry. Hang the broom from the ceiling with a fine fishing line and wait for the broom to stay still.

Open the garage door when there is a bright sun in the background outside and (BE SURE TO) stop the door at the point where the bottom of the garage door is lined up with the top of the broom handle - this is important as it ensures that you cannot see the wire or string that is tied to the ceiling because if you ‘fully’ open the door, it’s possible to see the string/wire suspending the broom from the ceiling. Finally make sure the video ends at this point in time (when the door is about 1/2 opened. :wink:

Bristles? Hang? Wires? It’s on the floor leaning against the door, period. Are we seeing different videos?

If it is “against” the door, the opening of the door - rubbing against the broom handle would at least move and make the broom fall over. It’s called friction. Emoji

I like the intrigue. The head of that broom does not seem to be within leaning distance of the door, and watching the handle, it doesn’t seem to be bumping along the door as it slides up.

some of y’all must have depth of field issues. the broom is in the middle of the garage.

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Okay then - please tell us more. What happened in the next second after the door cleared the top of the broom handle? In what position did you find the broom when you physically visited the garage floor? Did you review any SD recording before and after? In the time since then what possible explanation have you come to for the broom’s upright position in the video?

It is only its upright position that is of interest.

the broom was standing in the middle of the garage in-between where both cars park.
Unfortunately, Wyze only recorded a 12 second clip as I am using the SD card in a new V3.
I pulled in and knocked the broom over so I didn’t notice it until I got out of the car.
There was no motion detected prior to this clip.
Nobody was home and I can’t figure it out.

Okay, thanks. I gotta say my purportedly mistaken depth perception view still makes the most sense to me. It was leaning against the door, it fell down as the door opened, and you noticed it on the floor after you pulled in.

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You don’t know that. To be correct, it should read, “there’s no recorded motion prior to this clip”.

There could be motion ignored by the cool down, until the garage door started moving. Admittedly, it still is unlikely as the timing has to be just right.

Also, the blinding flash could have obscured other movements.

I think someone pulled a prank on you, someone who has access to the house. Turned off the camera and set up the broom on a string, then pulled the string out of sight after you hit it.

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