What might this be?

Up in my attic…no one up there at that time of the night. Looks like pieces of paper but it is not. The only reason the camera is up in the attic is to figure out the source of noises coming from the attic during after/night hours.

It’s the homeless man living in your attic messin’ with you. :slight_smile:

Seriously, i have no idea. but it seems that one end is always out out of frame. Is there a bathroom or kitchen exhaust fan with a nylon hose (stocking) over it to keep things from coming back in from the attic? If so it could be flapping like a “tube man”.

Try moving the camera somewhere else viewing the area this was.



I agree with BuckEye…it’s very hard to imagine that this is a camera artifact. Keep in mind that even though it looks like something fairly large farther away, it could be something very very tiny, very very close to the camera.

@BuckEye, I should have shared additional details rather than leave folks to speculate.

Nothing else is around the camera. The v1 camera is magnetically anchored to a bit of metal flashing and not else sits around it other than the open space of the attic.


@BuckEye, that was the only though that crossed my mind. But the multiple views with nothing else invalidating it makes me wonder if it is an unexpected magnification. Hoping I will spot something soon!

My next guess is a piece of hair. After looking more at the pictures

I got a piece of white thread and waved it around in front of a v2 camera near the lens. The relatively long “exposure” time makes the thread look like a sheet of paper when it is moving.

If there was a piece of hair laying over the top of the camera, air convection due to the heat of the camera could cause the movement.

Not a perfect reproduction, but if you single frame your video, you will see that the “bottom” is always a edge of same length, suggesting that it was the end of a “string” type item, and the image is like a “long exposure” of the duration of the frame (probably 1/10 sec on the v1 camera).

I just played this in VLC with volume turned up. The sounds may be audio from the camera, but it may be something else that could explain the “hair”


Termite wings

I’ve seen similar on some outdoor dome cameras that I have. In my case it was the antenna of a bug. I had one waving his antenna for several minutes in the top of the image before finally crawling over the lens and leaving.

On a side note, you have some serious kinks in your flex ducts.

I played it backwards and it said something about “get out” and “I know what you did.”


Can you somehow show the backward footage?

might bats