Creative ways to use cams not on cam plus lite

I got a OC cam not knowing I couldn’t put it on my cam plus lite service, what creative ways can I use this cam?

Can you return it and get a v3?

I am ok with it, I should have seen it wasnt, I have found if I put one camera on something and the OC on it too, when the regualar camera shows an event I can go over to the OC and bring it up by the time, since it is recording all the time, so I should get a close I am trying it out tonight on the racoons

Do you have an SD card in your OG?

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Really? I guess lite was a bad idea if they’re trying to get rid of it or use it less.

I haven’t even wanted to try it. I just use the detections the cam has out of the box. Its good enough for me. If it has nothing then that’s another issue. I’d rather buy something else in that case from someone else. They should just jack the price of the cams up instead imo. I hate subs and will 99% never use them for anything :slight_smile: