Crap quality

crap quality. spent 2 hours trying to set up a simple system. none of the sensors would connect to the blue lit bridge. customer support was a 30 min wait via chat. sending new starter kit. Hardly makes up for inability to use the system while away for 3 months. 3 hours net, and I’m struggling to see how anyone can give this system a good review.

Simple answer: Your experience is not indicative of the entire population’s experience. Even the best made products will have duds, they’re replacing it for you.

Typically if multiple devices wont’ connect to the bridge it’s not the devices. The probability that a started pack (which I purchased and installed last night - with no issues) containing 100% device failure is hard to comprehend. When things like that happen it typically comes down to:

  • Hardware issue on the bridge.
  • Configuration issue with the bridge.
  • User error - not following process, etc.

I have zero complaints. I think Wyze is in a position to totally disrupt the conventional IoT smart home market if they keep doing what they’re doing. I’m excited to see it!

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