Corrupt video - what to use to fix?

Video from my WC2 is corrupt, in particular the minutes I needed - very strange this coincidence, the days before it’s juts fine. I tried to play it back via app but it kept disconnecting for me, no messages about video being bad/corrupt.

Anyone know of a way to fix the video? I tried VLC and it didn’t work, looking for some other solutions.


What happens when you take the card out and try to play the files in VLC? They should show up on the card.

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What I meant was I tried to play the files I copied from the SD card with VLC and it didn’t work.
All the files play on my Win10 laptop, thumbnails generate (if I put it to tn view) and those ones that have the issue is an icon with a question mark. No media player will play those files, just looking for options where I can find something to fix these files.

I found something a few months back, with a limitation of 1min, which would be ideal, of course I can’t find that now… figures.

You could try a method shown at the link below. I would make a copy of the file before doing it as I have never tried any of these.

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Confused about this part. Can you save them from your laptop?

Sorry, I meant that all other files (non corrupt) play just fine in Win10 with the Photos app which is what I usually use.

In any case, I found a tool which resolved the issue as all I needed to see was in around 10 sec clip.
Video Repair Tool - Grau GmbH Hardware & Software Solutions Worked great, and was small enough I didn’t have to buy any license.

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