Copy cat camera?

What’s the difference other than 3X the cost of Wyzecam?

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  1. The camera is Chinese and there are other version out there. Wyzecam licenses the hardware and writes its own software (for the western market).

  2. It might be me reselling them…

3.You musta missed my recent post (‘WYZEcam Folks be Afraid,’ etc.) where the same camera is ‘reduced’ from $154 to $115.

  1. No it’s not me, but, hmmm…

  2. It’s the Market and access to info, and you’ve done your homework.

  3. How about $55…?

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We build our own software and firmware. :wink:

Why answer in one line with a smileyface when you can answer in 6 bullet points and be snarky…?

You must be busier than I (am)…

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Thanks all for clearing this up.

There are loads of products that are more or less the same under the skin. So many manufacturers buy their product or the major part of it from another manufacturer and just put it in a case and maybe new interface. This only stands out because the hardware is exactly the same on the outside.

I’ve been involved in manufacturing for decades and this is QUITE common in the consumer electronics industries and many others.

As a perfect example there are hundreds of companies selling branded cables (any kind); however there are only a few cable companies that actually make the cable that all those cable companies and hardware companies use.

I have a Chinese version of the Wyze cam pan and can not set it up, gust wondering it I could install Wyze firmware?

If anyone knows how to set this cam up, I would appreciate any help.

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The hardware is different enough that Wyze firmware will not run on it.

Thanks, now I hope someone will tell me how to set it up.

How to set up your Chinese version of the Wyze cam? This is not the place to get help with that.