Controller ID number

Where is the controller ID number located during set up?

Hi, I am not sure if this will help but here is something I found-


Welcome Markeast67. Which Wyze device are you trying to set up?


Wyze cam outdoor starter bundle

Are you looking for MAC ID of the base station?


If you visit the link I posted a few minutes ago, that will show you how to find you MAC ID.

Here is the link again,


When I open the app it takes me back to this page.

You can get the MAC ID of the base station 3 ways before setup:

Look at the bottom of the base station. It’s prefaced with MAC: xx…

Use you camera and scan the QR code on the base.

Use your camera and scan the QR code on the back of the product packaging. The MAC ID of the base station is the second set of numbers separated with a pipe symbol (“|”).


I tried the Mac # and it tells me that it is not it.

Are you trying to add this ID to your router’s security table?

What setup program are you running?

I’m trying to do the initial setup.

I’m on an iPhone,

Unless you have specifically configured your router to use MAC address filtering for security, you don’t need to run the setup program your attempting to use. Just follow the instructions here:

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Thanks guys! I think I had the wrong app. I deleted and downloaded a different one and it worked .


Glad to hear you figured it out! Happy to help :slight_smile:

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Hello all,

I am a newbie at this setup for the outdoor cameras and I do apologize if this is pretty basic for some of you all. I just got my cam from Amazon and trying to setup and downloaded the Wyze app from Apple. I did register and then trying to setup the base and after fighting the controller ID issue, for I am entering the MAC of the base and it seems like wants numbers. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.