Control cam from a different state

Please, how do I control my 2 cams from a different state when they go off line? Thank you

If the cams go offline, there’s no way to control them remotely. If the cams are going offline frequently some users put Wyze plugs on them to remotely power cycle them, but often times them going offline is an issue with your network.

Are you able to live view the cams, just not edit any settings, and they show as offline?

Did multiple cams go offline at the same time?


TY. I know if internet connection is disrupted I will lose connection w/cameras.
I have two cameras, one camera I could not view. it had to be reinstalled/reset today which was time consuming b/c it wld not connect. The other one is good. BUT, I will be leaving soon for the winter season. knowing I lost visual connection w/the winter location cameras almost immediately when I left, even with the power plugs, I am concerned the same will happen with the two I set up this past summer when I leave. I am trying to decide is it is worth the money to buy power plugs before leaving.
QUESTION: if there is no internet/power disruption, will I be able to control the cameras from a different state via my phone? View/see when caretaker in the house? Thanks

Yes you will, as long there is internet. I have three cameras set at my cottage that is about 600Km away. All three cameras are powered with smart plugs that alows me to reboot them when needed.

Yea, you can view them anywhere you have an internet connection. I think it’s definetly worth getting some smart plugs (Wyze ones are super cheap) if your planning on leaving home for extended periods of time.

TY for your reply