Continuously Record

How do you get the outdoor wireless cameras to continuously record? I have put SIM cards in them and turned them up to 100% sensitivity.

We have someone stealing packages and mail on our street and we are trying to catch them. I can’t figure out how to get it to record everything! Lol.

The WCO doesn’t have continuous recording capabilities due to it being battery operated. With the WCO look into scheduled recording but that is not true continuous recording. You can also put cam plus on the camera which will record the duration of motion to the cloud. Do you have an outlet anywhere near the camera location? I’d highly recommend looking into the V3 if you do have an outlet anywhere near for the continuous recording, and the night color vision capabilities.


If you are using the WYZE Cam Outdoor cam you can do scheduled continuous recording to the SD card in the cam for the time you set. Better have an extension cord handy you’ll be charging the battery a lot. :grinning:


Here are your two options…

Or a decent size power bank. My 32000 mAh RAVPower keeps a v3 powered up for about 2 days with 24/7 recording to SD card.

@Omgitstony hey again! So I ordered those! She hit us again, so I gave in. Do they have the adjustable mount that shows in the details of the description with the camera? That is deceiving….

Or will they fit in the adjustable mounts you can by for the original outdoor camera? I bought those on Amazon! Thanks for help!

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Grab the flat base that’s protruding from the bottom of the camera and pull down. It’s magnetic but if you pull down hard enough it’ll just pop down and you’ll see the the adjustable base.

Those have limited mobility and angles. The ones with a small arm give your more range of motion for mounting to side of house. The use one of these in their advertisement of this camera, but they have never included them in the box. So I was curious if they were this time.

The swivel arm base is connected to the camera by a screw, which can be unscrewed once the base is extended to reveal a normal tripod style mount screw hole. Did you get the base to pull down? Can you provide a picture of what you are referring to that wasn’t in your box? The bottom piece is the one with the magnet on it.