Continuous camera monitoring question

I need to set up some cameras for a few months to monitor a home that will not be occupied during that time. This is for my elderly in-laws. They would like to be able to monitor the cameras periodically during the day but I am trying to keep this as simple as possible for them. Is there some way I can set up a tablet that would automatically cycle through the cameras throughout the day so that no input or activity is required on the part of my in-laws ? Thanks

If you group the cameras they will display 4 at a time in landscape mode, and you can page L-R to any other cameras.

So they would run the app, choose the group, and rotate to landscape mode.

If the house will be some distance away you should also consider smart plugs in case something glitches and a camera has to be power-cycled.

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Thanks. That’s perfect. Also wondering if there is a way to do the same thing on a laptop or desktop computer?

That gets more complicated. You can’t do it natively. Typically you run an Android emulator, and then another app like Tinycam Pro. There are several articles discussing this on the board if you do a search. Not sure if that is a good fit for your elderly in-laws, though.

Here is an article about native Android setup. To that you would need to add an Android emulator like Bluestacks: