Camera for monitoring elderly?

Hi, I am a confuzzled by too many options. Basically I need a camera for remote monitoring of my elderly parents. They have wifi. I think my needs are:

A decent resolution
Night vision
Possibly voice to voice contact (not sure they get confused)?
Free cloud storage?
Easy set up
Ability to monitor via mobile phones (apple or Android)
Reasonable cost, no battery replacing, plug into mains.
Note: this is in addition to their landline and 24hr live in care
The primary need is for three people to be able to log into the camera and remote monitor a single room. There is no need for motion detection . The camera can spend most of its time off (I think).

Any suggestions please.


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One requirement you did not mention is reliability.
If that is a requirement and you don’t want to make frequent trips to troubleshoot then my suggestion is to not purchase from WYZE.


Best Elderly Monitor is that get a Side by side Condo house.

Either the WYZE V2 or Pan cam will work fine.
Probably the V2. Panning a camera may make your parents nervous.
The V2 has all of the features you are looking for.
I have 6 V2 and 2 Pan cameras and have not had the reliability issues that @nickso describes.

All three people can use the same WYZE account or if more than one of you already have accounts you can set it up on one account and share it with the others.


I have several V2s that I use to monitor my mother who has Alzheimer’s and lives several states away. They work pretty reliably. Every once in a while there is an issue where a camera needs to be unplugged and plugged back in after a power fluctuation or failure.

I have had multiple reliability issues. I have 10 Wyze v2 cameras. Below are some tips to make them more reliable.

  1. Setup a rule in the app to reset the cameras daily at something like 4am. I have less reliability issues since setting up this up a few months ago.
  2. I would consider the Wyze Cam Plus service that stores the videos in the cloud. I use this on 4 of my cameras due to my need for reliable playback of video. SD card playback has been painful.
  3. Give it a week or so before updating firmware. Problems are found in the first day or two after releasing updated software for the cameras. It happened again recently on Sep 30 (Wyze Firmware Info).

Also worth mentioning that wyze cam can detect when a smoke detector is going off and send a notification.

We wont talk about how many times my gramma has almost lit the kitchen on fire and a wyze cam let us know.

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I haven’t used one but apparently the Pan Cam has full duplex audio, which would probably make conversation a bit easier.