Set up difficulty

First off old lady here trying to get things set up and having difficulty. I have the camera set up in my 95 year old dad’s assisted living room ( with permission from the residence). His dementia is getting worse and I need to check on him more often. I put the app on my phone set up the camera and all was good. When I leave and go home my phone switches to my home WiFi and the camera does not connect. Is there a work around?

Did you setup the camera on the assisted living place WiFi? If you set it up on say on your HotSpot of your phone, the camera will not work when you leave.


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If your phone was logged into the WiFi at the Assisted Living center when you installed the cam to that network, it may be an issue with their router configuration not allowing outside access.

You can test this while you are there by connecting to the cam and live streaming the video feed while on WiFi, then shutting off your WiFi and trying while still there from your mobile network data. If it fails, it is most likely their router security.

When the phone and the cam are logged into the same network, both are behind the firewall. The cam and the phone are on a Peer to Peer connection behind that firewall and maintained within the network. When you try to establish that same connection while the phone is not on the network, from outside the firewall, the stream has to go thru that firewall which is most likely configured to disallow peer to peer streaming.

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Very very good and observant answers guys. This is not a question that we see every day.

And I applaud @maratcliffe. Nice job managing this much on your own.
We have seen posts of others concerned about their older loved ones. One suggestion is to also put a Wyze cam under the bed, with motion/person detection turned on. This allows you to get an alert if someone gets out of bed and walks away at when no one can help. And if you add a WiFi switch to power it, you have 100% control when its turned on and off. Just our two cents.