Looking for suggestions

Hey Wyze guys,
In need of some input here. I have an older lady who lives by herself and she doesn’t feel the neighbors are getting any better in her area.
She has heard about my wyze adventures and she asked about putting some around her house, here’s the catch… She has no internet!
The wyze systems would be the most affordable for her and the easiest way to go. She is 71 yrs old and trying to explain a wired dvr set up may be difficult for her to grasp. She knows how to use her phone very well so I don’t think she would have a problem with using the wyze app. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Wyze guys and gals.

It is a wifi camera so in order to use them she would need internet. I recommend looking into atat they have a program for people who quality and older people do fit in there for their 10 dollar access program.

Edit: This is for california residents, I don’t know where you live.

Here’s the link


Also, if she will only view the camera from within the same local network, the data usage would be quite small and she could probably live with a low-cost plan with a very limited data cap if that’s available.


It is an option for half the price making it $5 a month

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Hey that sounds like a great idea!
I will look into it and see what the locals can come up with, we do have AT&T in the area.
If it all works out for her I think it will give her a little peace of mind.
Any one else? Feel free to comment, I’m up for good suggestions.

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