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Hi, I am looking for help to protect my 85 year old Mom who lives in a different state… Yesterday 2 scum broke into her home while she was there. The two products that I am thinking about purchasing for her are the video doorbell and the outdoor cam. I have purchased a echo 5, but she hasn’t received it yet - I am hoping she can see the camera activity on that. She is 85 and has a flip phone that she will not upgrade, she is even less understanding of all of this than I am. She is also almost completely blind. I would also like to be able to see her camera feed from out of state if possible… I would like to have the outdoor cam set up on her detached garage facing the driveway to be able to capture the vehicles and people who pull into her drive. She lives in an old farmhouse in the middle of the country on a one lane road with spotty, slow, WiFi. (She was born in that house and says she will also die there - even though she traveled the world with my Dads 20 years in the military). I believe the base has to be attached to her router - how close does that need to be to the outside camera? She doesn’t want cameras inside of her home and the alarm system would not have worked because they entered while she was home in broad daylight, right before noon. The other item I am hoping to order is the video doorbell when it is released. I ordered one for me, but it is now months away… I would like forward face videos of anyone who approaches her door, and again I would like to be able to access it from out of state also, and for it to show up on her echo 5. Am I on the right track and will it work in these circumstances? I love the wyze products, I personally have several, and I need a solution that won’t break me financially - I have been unemployed with absolutely no money coming in… I didn’t have the money to travel home for Christmas thus the reason Mom was alone the day after Christmas and was able to become a victim. Any insight, help, suggestions or encouragement would be appreciated. Thank you for reading this and your time.

First off. I am so sorry to hear about the incident that involved your mom.

Welcome to the community!

I think there is definitely a bunch of things to take into consideration…
Having slow wifi may hinder real time viewing of the footage from any cameras. For this, you may want to try using a router with signal from using a hotspot option off of a cellular signal.

I do not personally own the Wyze Door bell, however, reviews have been that the field of view is not that good… I suggest the usage of the Wyze V3… Better all around during the day… and during the night. It provides an excellent night vision with color (with a little amount of light near the camera)

And as far as display, I would recommend streaming the V3 feed to a tablet… The Echo and Google solution have a bit more latency and will tend to stop streaming, and you have to have ask Google / Echo to stream “front door” every time it times out, and then have to wait for it to bring up the feed…


Thank you so much! You are correct, the V3 looks like a great option. It can be used outside, so it should work well on her covered porch, she has a plug there. It wouldn’t show their face while looking at the door, but would show them approaching from the driveway. I appreciate the help, I am totally out of my element concerning all of this adding the stress of keeping Mom safe.

No worries. You are very welcome.

Yes, i think the V3s will be a great option… (Of course, once it become available again…seems like they are out of stock now…)

Once again welcome. I hope you’ll find that there are a lot of great people here all willing to share our experiences and help one another.

Hopefully you’ll find the right balance of technology and cost to suit your needs.

(Hope your mom is doing okay and moving onwards and forwards and not letting those negative things bog her down too much.)

Hi @justtlb - very sorry to hear about your Mom’s incident. That could have been a very bad situation. Glad she is OK!

I agree with @FullyChargedTech‘s assessment about using the V3 cam. It is a good cam with excellent resolution and the Starlight vision works well. Be sure to use an SD card, preferably a High Endurance Card
to record any events. You might want to consider the CamPlus Service for safe recording of any events, if that fits your budget.
I was a beta tester for the Doorbell and I find the view very good if mounted properly. It will definitely cover anyone approaching your door. It isn’t however intended for monitoring a large area, like a wide porch or yard. Mine covers most of my porch and down my sidewalk to the street, and I find it works well.
Also, don’t completely discard the idea of a security system. There are many out there that will let you configure them to protect you while you are at home and moving around inside. My Mom had such a setup, and we currently have one we have been using for years.
Best wishes and feel free to post back with any questions!

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Thank you so much. All of that makes very good sense, I appreciate you taking the time to help us. Thank you!

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