Consolidating all my cameras

Hi all. I have a Wyze cam v2 and the android app.

The problem is I also have cameras from VStarCam using the Eye4 and and VHH using their app and from HOOISE using the CloudPlus app and FHH using their app. Only Eye4 can run on my PC and phone, the others are only Android. Of course I can run them on my PC using Bluestacks.

Is there any app that can support all these cameras and available on PC and Android? Or any app that can support more than one of my camera types if not all of them? Furthermore, I’ve noticed only the Eye4 app allows me to sets tilt and pan positions (up to 16) and return to them. The CloudPlus app doesn’t seem to have this feature and since I access them remotely, it’s very hard to get back to the preferred position if I look around a bit.

Any advice much appreciated! Thanks!

PS: While searching to try to answer this myself, I did notice there is at least one “standard” for IP camera access. Maybe each of the apps mentioned above are the manufacturers’ own apps. But if the camera supports the standard, maybe the chances are better if I found an app that supports the standard too.

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Have you looked into Tiny Cam Monitor? It supports many cam models. You may still need to run it thru BlueStacks on Windows though.

It might also be possible using Windows 11 if you have a computer that supports the Windows Subsystem for Android. Even the Wyze cam app works just fine there with it sideloaded. I don’t know about the other apps there or how the Wyze cam app does with Bluestacks.

If they all have Alexa plugin support then that can be another way.

Home anything is highly fragmented and you have to be very specific in what you buy if you want things to be consolidated.

*Even with tinycam I believe you will probably still need the Wyze app anyway to manage things? I doubt it offers all the stuff in the Wyze app. Same thing with Alexa.

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Correct. All cam settings management must be done thru the Wyze App. However TCP is very flexible in the management of viewing multiple cams in a consolidated window. It supports PTZ movement for the PanCams as well as being able to run in server mode, DVR video, view web events, alert motion, and other features I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test.