Consensus: Should I Wait or Dispute Now While I Can?

Hello Wyze Forum Community. Noob forum member here, looking for input about my current effort to resolve an order snafu. Sorry for the lengthy setup, but this easily takes the prize for the most complicated return I’ve ever had to navigate, and after researching the topic on this forum, I’m starting to feel like a sucker potentially duped not once or twice, but thrice by the same vendor.
Here’s the sob story: A couple of weeks ago, during the smorgasbord of Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers and promos, I pulled the trigger on the FREE OGCAM WITH PURCHASE OF CAMPLUS UNLIMITED ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION promo for $99.98. I plumped it up with an additional OG to get free shipping. Paid with Citi Visa card. Order confirmation from Wyze arrived almost instantly, followed shortly after by the CamPlus “WELCOME” email. Went to look for Cam+ on my existing fleet of WyzeCams but was unable to add any of them to the subscription, then gave it a couple of days to settle,…still no joy. Contacted support and discovered very quickly that the order had been generated under the wrong email (I have a lot of them) and thus assigned to the wrong account. Worked with several different reps and arrived at what I believed was a fair resolution, which was I pay the return postage on the cams and once they received the hardware, a refund would be issued for the subscription. Since I still wanted Cam+ U and the offer was still on, I also agreed to reorder the same package but under the account my existing Home Monitoring subscription is registered under. True to their word, they refunded the hardware portion (minus the postage) but then closed my case!
I emailed in a new support request referencing the original and received the standard reply. That was four days ago, nothing since…not very reassuring since I do not need two unlimited subscriptions.
So my question is do I wait this out and assume Wyze will stay true to their word, or should I start the VISA Dispute Charge process now in hopes of recovering something?

Welcome , sorry you are having issues.

Do you have a ticket number you can provide? If you do, please post it here and I will see if we can get eyes on this.


I’ve got someone from Wyze looking at this now. If you send a ticket number, I’m sure we can get it resolved. We want to make you happy and stay with us!


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Once is a mistake. Twice is a decision. Any more than that has no chance of being forgiven…
Hope you get it resolved…

Thank you! The original case, now closed, was:
Wyze Ticket 3489567


The current case, opened to get things rolling again, is:
Wyze Ticket 3524781

Any help you can provide to resolve this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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Ticket numbers attached


Looking into it.


Hello WyzeMatt. It’s been a couple of weeks since I started this refund process. Any progress being made to get my issue resolved? Thank you for your help !

Yes, I’ve got an update. Essentially they are still waiting to receive the Wyze Cam OG. If you have a tracing number, that can speed this along.

Interesting. They’ve already refunded me for the two OGs I sent back (minus the $5.99 return postage charge.). The USPS label they provided to me, and the one I used, had tracking number: 9202 XXX XXX XXX XXX XX. It was delivered December 6th! I’ll forward the email with the label they provided so you can see for yourself. Thanks!

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The order came to $114.89 for the promo package which included a free OGcam plus a second OGcam. I added a second OGcam for $14.99 to the order to get free shipping. They sent one return label for both OGs. I put both unopened units in a box, affixed the label to the outside and brought it to the post office where I handed it to the clerk. Wyze received it about 6 days later and refunded $9.90 to my credit card, probably for the extra OGcam I actually bought minus the postage to return both. Notice how:
A) They deducted the postage charge from the extra OGcam money I paid, and refunded just difference for that. That’s Ok,i said I’d pay the postage.
B) I now have neither OGcam, so I’ve just paid more for nothing.
C) Wyze support then closed the case, leaving me with 2 active annual unlimited subscriptions.

So now just waiting for them to follow through with their promise to refund the remaining $99.00.

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Noted. I’m on it.


@WyzeTanvi take a look.

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Thanks WyzeMatt! Also thinking I should ask up front that they be sure to cancel the correct order. As I stated early on, I reordered the package again under the correct account name and I am completely satisfied with that. However there’s been a lot of numbers and emails thrown around and I could easily envision a situation where the wrong subscription gets canceled. Quite honestly I’m not sure if I could handle the ensuing mess in a gentlemanly way. So for the record, it is order# US-5415037 placed under [Mod Edit] that needs to be cancelled and refunded. I just found the original order, and it looks like it’s $99.00 even. Thanks!

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Yep, we know it’s been delivered, just waiting to hear if they have processed the return yet. Hang tight.



Hello. I have yet to hear anything from Wyze about this, and it’s really becoming quite concerning. While I have been a fan of the hardware for years, my recent experience with Wyze as a legitimate security system provider has been deeply shaken. If they can’t be trusted to turn around a simple refund in a timely manner for a purchase made in good faith, then why would one entrust the safety of their home and family to such a feckless partner ? I’m now sitting on three separate invitations to review my customer experience with Wyze. I’ve been reluctant to submit them hoping I could sing their praises. It’s looking more and more like I won’t have the opportunity to be so positive. I appreciate your help WyzeMatt, but their lack of accountability is making it increasingly difficult for me to take Wyze seriously as a credible security vendor. Future potential subscribers may need to look elsewhere for a more reliable and customer centric security provider.

Hi WyzeMatt. I’ve been checking my VISA transactions every day to see if Wyze has processed the promised refund, to no avail. You may recall, my original question was about whether or not I should lodge a Dispute Charge complaint with CitiCard. It has been a month since this saga began, and I am ready to move on to more fulfilling- less stressful endeavors. Do you believe in your heart that Wyze has any intention of returning my hard earned cash? I believe I have a strong case with VisaCard for Breach of Contract and Misleading Business Practices, possibly more, as I have documented every single action and interaction. I’ll be following up with The Better Business Bureau as well. So one last plea, where is my refund?