WYZE support can not be trusted

I had been trying to change from individual to unlimited Cam Plus. I did online chat with WYZE support and Glen M told me that if I bought unlimited Cam Plus right now he would get refund from service team. I did the purchase and he said I would receive email from Service Team that day for refund info.
Now after 3 days WYZE is saying they do not refund services on annual plan but still cancelled the old plan and put me on Unlimited plan. They said they know I was promised by Glen M on chat a refund but they will not honor the promised refund. The will also not just let me go back to old plan and give money back on plan I was told to buy so I would get refund. All they are saying is sorry but here is section that shows no refunds are given and sorry our person misled you. WHAT?

They basically are telling me that what a chat agent promises you is not honored by company. So who do we trust? Cameras fail now at much higher rate than just a few years ago, agents making promises that company refuse to honor while costing customers tons of money. This is nothing short of fraud. I have ALL THE CHATs including the promised refund. But WYZE says that it does not matter he promised refund while making you believe you would after you buy unlimited. Simply a dishonest company that has gone from helpful to only wanting more and more of your money while decreasing warranties on everything they make. They have lost a customer forever because if you can’t trust their support agents who represent the company, who can we trust.

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Sorry to hear this. Do you have a ticket number associated with this? If you do, can you post it here and I will see if I can get it escalated for review.


Wyze Ticket 3311036 and below is the chat where I was told to purchase unlimited then money will be refunded from other cam plus service.

Glen M is the service agent from chat.

Glen M.

The canceled subscription will be manage by our Service Specialist in order for you not lose any money.
(06:57:20) Randy Turner

It re-started on Aug 24, and I have been trying to get info to change to unlimited since July
(06:58:00) Randy Turner

However we can make this happen would be appreciated
(06:58:37) Glen M.

Yes, of course we can.
(06:59:38) Glen M.

First thing you need is t purchase the unlimited, once done, allow me to take care of the existing cam pluGlen M.

Within today after this chat session, Randy. Expect an email from our services specialist as they are the one will deal and manage the annual plan in your account.

(07:12:42) Glen M.

Of course we will going to make sure that the payment and cost you paid will not go to waste. s annual with the help of my colleagues.