Connecting 2 camaeras together

I have 2 cameras mounted outside with the outdoor kits. How do you connect the USB cable into the first camera to run it to the second. It does not fit inside the shell.

Say what?
I have 2 Wyze Cam 2’s installed inside the Outdoor kits.

Just discussed this with and they tell me they are an official reseller of Wyze products.
I did a screenshot of this thread and sent it to them per their request. They are not happy with what you are saying and will be contacting Wyze.
And you are correct. Based on your responses, This forum is of no help. Thanks anyways.

That’s a little harsh. Wyze does not yet make a camera they certify as for outdoor use. Those enclosures you linked to are not made or endorsed by Wyze. The reseller May be legit for Wyze cameras but that does not mean the enclosures are legit. They are made for use with Wyze cameras by a 3rd party.

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Hello @vbresolin sorry for all the confusion, I will help clearify that is not an authorized seller of Wyze products and the mount that you have purchased from the seller “Kearui” is a third party seller that makes products which are not endorsed nor supported by Wyze.


Hi @vbresolin,

While Amazon (US) is an authorized reseller of Wyze Cams, they have not be authorized by Wyze to sell outside the US. Wyze has attempted to get Amazon to stop selling the cameras outside the US and Amazon has refused to comply. Wyze is not an international company (at least not yet) because they don’t have the infrastructure to support the cameras outside the US.

Also, as mentioned above, the third party case you have purchased is not supported by Wyze. It’s as if you bought third party floor mats for your Toyota. If they don’t fit, Toyota doesn’t bear any responsibility for that.

That said, from the pictures of the shell on Amazon, it looks like you could pretty easily cut a hole in the back piece with a Dremel tool or similar to accommodate the larger USB-A socket. Since you have a spare shell (I think), probably worth a shot. Another option would be to use a USB-micro splitter such as this:

together with a USB-A extension cable such as this:

However, this might make the case no longer waterproof, or water tight. You may have to reseal around any holes you add to the after market outdoor housing. I am sure if you are a handy person, with a little tinkering you can make this method work. Each individual situation is different. If you would upload photos of your installation I am sure we can assist you further. We will be happy to try to assist you in any way we are able. Also please remember this is a community of other Wyze users who may, or may not have experience with the after market devices you are using or trying to install.

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just cut out a hole for the daisy chain USB cord. I did that on my outside two, power first one from outlet, power second one from first one.
I then sealed up both housings with a little silicone to make sure it didn’t get any moisture in from the USB cable openings.