Need mounts/housing that allow access to [BOTH] USB ports on rear of WyzeCam?

Seeking to “daisy chain” two WyzeCam v2 devices. Doesn’t seem like any of the mounts from Amazon allow room for BOTH USB ports to have cable inserted when using a mount?

Certainly the housing I bought for my single camera does not. :frowning: Can anyone recommend a better mount/housing that I can buy two of, when I go to buy my second WyzeCam v2?

This is the mount I own for my single camera:

I’ve looked at this one, but not sure it will do what I’m hoping for:

Any suggestions? No access to a 3d printer and I’m hoping for something commercially available as opposed to DIY. Thx.





Faced the same problem today, and Amazon search didn’t return any results. So, nobody installed daisy-chained cams outdoors in protective cases?

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