Confusing, Needlessly complicated

As the head IT for the largest home builder in the valley I am woefully disgusted with WYZE!

Now I know why all of our new move in’s complain about the overly complicated setup process. Having to re-download firmware to get a normal setup after a trial period is ridiculous. Please tell me that I have it wrong and PROVE IT!

I’m a little confused… was there an RTSP version involved here?

Not aware of any firmware reload issues between trial periods and not. I’ve even flashed mine to beta.

Curious about more back story here? I haven’t found this hardware hard to install and I have dealt with some real c**p over the years. I know we aren’t talking IOT but I can’t imagine many today putting up with the limits of X10 in the yesteryears.


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Like Simple said - more background required. No new firmware download required to use unless you set up something non-standard.

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