Configure Wyze Battery Cam Pro Without Wi-Fi

Hi all,
So I noticed the Wyze Battery Cam Pro has come out and I was looking for an inexpensive camera just like this for awhile now that has a battery. But my question is, can you configure the camera without connecting to Wi-Fi?. I don’t own the internet I am connected to and just want this to be a local-camera, not a Wi-Fi cam. Thanks in advance for any tips.

All Wyze cameras require a WiFi connection at boot. Without one, they won’t function.

Ok good to know thanks

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Followup to this. Would it be possible to setup this camera then place it outside of wifi coverage and have it record events to the SD card. I am thinking of using it a bit like a trail camera. I understand that I would need to reconnect to wifi or pull the card to see the recorded events

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