Completely wireless outdoor cam setup

Sharing something I built for my Wyze outdoor cameras. I thought these cameras would be great for hunting. My use will be to see behind me in a duck blind, watch game trails when I’m in a stand or basically just giving me a better perspective of what is going on around me.

But, the problems are the base-station needs power, the cameras are white and I need an easy way to transport port everything. I decided on using a small Plano ammo box, vinyl camo wraps, an adapter for Ryobi 18v One+ batteries, a 4 port USB charger and several 3d printed parts. The Ryobi battery is easy to charge, readily available and should last all day with the low power requirements of the base-station. You can keep all the cameras in place and charge them without removing them from the tray (you do need to keep the lid open though)

The designs and details are available on Thingiverse at Outdoor cam ammo box tray by mrcklk - Thingiverse along with many other photos