Complete Motion Capture is not functioning as advertised

As of lately, Complete Motion Capture has not been functioning properly. For instance, a 4 minute motion event in broad daylight is recorded as a a 20 second clip. Or a 3 minute continuous motion event is broken into 3 or 4 20 second clips. Either way, this in not complete recordings of the motion events. I’ve restarted the camera and it hasn’t changed anything. The camera also has the latest firmware installed. Is anyone else having this problem with CMC?

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Yes, although my troubles were two months ago. I have long since stopped subscribing.

It never caught the complete motion event. Usually the recording just stopped with the motion still occurring.

It very often missed the triggering event entirely. Delay in starting.

When it did capture an event it always seemed to lag by 2-3 seconds from when non CMC motion events started.

It was better than the free 12 second event clips for the most part but not good enough to warrant paying for. At least in my opinion.

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