Continuous Motion Capture not working

So the other day I was able to get the trial of CMC setup and verified that it was working well. Today, I was checking the camera and noticed that it only has 12 second sound events. So not only is CMC not working, it’s not giving me ANY motion events. I do have “detects motion” on in the event recording settings. Any idea how to fix?

I don’t use mine with sound events, so I can’t compare that behavior. But try to find the last CMC event that WAS recorded… Two questions:

1.) Can you successfully watch it?
2.) Is it 5 minutes in length?

Mine stopped working, but the last CMC event was 5 minutes long and couldn’t actually be watched. To fix it, I unassigned the camera from CMC in settings. Then I power cycled the camera. Then I moved it to determine if it would capture a regular motion event again (It did.) Then I reassigned the camera to CMC and it seemed to work again.

I’m assuming that will probably fix it for you, but I’m curious if yours broke with the same kind of event mine did.

Exactly one of the best ways to solve the problem by restarting the computer, or reinstalling the software.

I got sidetracked and didn’t check in on this, but I went back and looked. My last CMC was actually 0:00 long and could not be opened.

I went through your recommended steps and sure enough it’s working again. Thanks!

Cool. So it sounds like any event that can’t be opened ends up breaking it. Good to know. I wasn’t sure if it was related to the 5-minute length specifically. (I assume 5 minutes was a maximum ceiling, since it’s such an even number)

Does not work for me either. All videos 12 seconds long. Also getting allot of smart video alerts with nothing in them and no motion to trigger them.

CMC was working for me when about a week ago, but has stopped now.

Just upgraded firmware and it’s working again

same here was working during trial period, now it has stopped working and does not even give me an option to pay on app or using services.wyze… site :frowning: