Camera with Complete Motion Capture missing motion

This camera has been in the same place, inside window, same settings for 2 years working as it should, now with complete motion capture on it , it is missing many motion events, sometimes it does not record an event clip but does record do the card , other times it doesn’t record to anything, I have other cameras (non wyze) covering the same area that , are , detecting the motion.
I removed complete motion capture from that camera , so, we will see if it will start working properly like it used to are not .
I’ve seen people reporting about this before on here , I would rather have 12 seconds than nothing .

Anyone else seeing this problem ?

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I had that happen last evening with a pan camera in my front window. Somehow, a UPS driver managed to knock at the door without me knowing she was there. I checked the MicroSD card and it was there, but no notification of her parking the truck right in front of the house, and walking up to the door. The first time I have noticed this.

I’ll be checking this when I get home. I wonder if I have missed anything and didn’t realize it. thanks for the heads up on a potential issue.

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Do you have CMC (Complete Motion Capture)? If not, that happens a lot due to the 5-minute cooldown. CMC is supposed to eliminate it.

Yes, I have CMC on that camera. It is still within the free trial

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Just tried something else. I changed the CMC to another camera in another room aimed out a window at the same area, and no notifications on it either. Had a “salesman” walk up to my door and hang something on my knob, and the only reason I knew it was I saw him through the window. I watch the live view on the camera, and I see the green box on every car that goes by, but there are no notifications. When I check the events tab it is empty for the camreas when CMC was active on them.

This has been happening on both of my cameras with C.M.C., after the trial period no less!

I’ll probably get rid of it soon because it’s not worth it, even at $3!

I think C.M.C.has not been finessed to the level it should be

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Stated another way, it wasn’t tested properly

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I noticed something similar at one point, but I also noticed that when I went back to my events an hour or so later, they were there. I’m not sure whether that was an isolated server slowdown type issue or if that happens a lot, but I did eventually get the event videos. Have you checked again to see if they appeared after the fact?

I came up with something. I went to the second camera that stopped giving me alerts, and somehow when I enables CMC on it, the event recording was turned off. When I turned it back on, it started working as expected. Now they are both working correctly.

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Ah, that happened to me at one point when things were still in the beta phase, too. I kinda forgot about that. Always a good thing to check.

Yes, I have noticed the same thing. My wife takes my son to school and back to home every day on specific time. I didn’t get any notification one day, but I checked continuous recording and it was recorded. Also I had an Amazon package at front door which did not trigger any notification either.

I also had this problem with four different cameras using complete motion capture. I contacted support. They had be reset the cameras, log out of the app, reinstall the app, manually apply the most recent firmware, and some other little things. In the end, they said that a new update would be released soon to address the issue.

Same thing here first Sunday 1/4/2020. I was delighted to try this new feature. First 2 day it worked. Went back last night 1/6 and today and got an error msg that only 12 second displays where available. I canceled earlier today. I was so excited to be able to locking on motion without fingering before and after the motion on play back. Web browser access would be a true blessing when trying to sift thru old videos without down loading them. :smirk:

Sorry, but not that I’m underestimating Wyze developers, but I think they are exploring things a little bit ahead of their development experience, because they couldn’t even optimize/stabilize the RTSP firmware which suppose to stream just on local WiFi, but here they are already implementing this CMC which suppose to stream to the cloud/internet. I mean if you app is not optimized and could not perform well on LAN/local WiFi, how much more do you expect it to perform over the cloud/internet…

I have the same issues. No motion is detected on mu CMC… thoughts?