Complete Motion and event cap

I have a wyze can v2 and have signed up for the trial of complete motion
I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way to reduce not real events? I noticed it gets trigger when there is a small fly around it. I end up with lots of events.
  2. Most importantly, i noticed events got deleted automatically last night after mid night. I can only see events from today now. Is there a cap?
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I will do my best at answering your questions.

  1. No, not really, as the camera does not know what is moving it just knows something did. They rely on pixel changes to decide movement, so a fly close enough to the lens would change enough pixels to register as movement.

  2. On the event page you should see the dates/days of the week at the top, just change to a different day and you will see the events for that day. However there is a ‘cap’ and they will be deleted automatically, that ‘cap’ is 14 days. So along the top you should be able to go back 14 days.

Hopefully that helps


#1 I kind of reduced the issue by changing detection sensitivity, motion area and turn off night light
#2 I think is a result of starting the trial for complete motion. FYI for others it seems that activating trial of complete motion clears your history for everything before you signed up

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Good to know. Thanks!

this is the OP
Nothing got deleted. User error :blush: