Cloud Events

Shouldn’t events be saved in the cloud for 14 days? Anyone else having problems with them not being saved for any length of time? Sometimes mine from the morning are gone by night!

How many events per day do you get? Sometimes if you get alot, you have to scroll beyond the bottom to populate the rest of that days clips. Are they on the previous day perhaps? Did you choose the previous day on the top line with the day numbers?

Less than a dozen on average I’d say. Here is what yesterday’s looks like this morning for instance, which was actually a busier day of activity


the filters for person and motion are both on. click those filters off and see if something populates. sometimes when you think something should be there it’s actually not showing up because you have the results narrowed. try that and let us know.

Edit: and on that picture you just showed I just noticed that it is actually showing for the 6th ( today) so unless you had motion between midnight and right now, you wont have anything there. click the 5th at the top above the clips, for yesterday and see what it shows.

When I remove motion then person shows up, which is what the bulk of my events are. I figured if you’re filtering for both, then both would show up. The only one I want to exclude is sound because there are too many events over nothing.

As far as the day, it appears the current day is circled and the grayed out one is the day you’re viewing so that pic should be correct.

If you untick Person and tick Motion only, does that same video show?

No, filtering for motion only is empty.

Do you only have one camera? Or multiples?

I think there are two topics that are trying to be figured out here.

  1. The original issue was stated that cloud videos may not be being saved
  2. Understanding filters

I’d like to have 1 tackled before diving into the filter education, unless the only issue here is understanding filters.

@SW11, if you remove all your filters, are all your videos visible? For trouble shooting the issue of videos possibly not saving, I’d like you to have no filters on for the time being.

Yes, if I remove all filters everything seems to show from yesterday.

And yes, I currently only have the one camera.

That’s good! So is there an issue with anything actually saving then? It’s just understanding the filters? Just want to make sure your original post gets addressed before all discussion changes to filter chat. Lol

Edit/ you can proboly unclick the camera filter because it’s redundant then.

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Going back I do have events saved as long as no filters are applied so I do think there is no issue with them being saved and it is an issue with filters.

I’m confused on how in the morning say there would be events with both person and event filters applied, but then by the evening or next day those do not show with those same filters applied?

you do have person detection turned on for individual cameras correct?

@Bam, I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking. I have it set up to notify me on person detection and I get those if that’s what you’re asking.

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sorry for the confusion. yeah if you are getting person alerts, you have it set up correctly. it’s sounding by your description as if there is an issue with the cloud storage, but to my knowledge there hasn’t been any other complaints. so usually we try to work backwards with the setup on the users end. I promise we aren’t trying to be condescending or blaming. ( I always fear we come off like that when trouble shooting)

you mentioned with the filters off that you do have clips showing up. If I understood you correctly there, could you post a shot of what you are seeing when the filters are removed?

I don’t feel you’re condescending, I really appreciate all the help trying to figure it out.

This is what I see with no filters applied:

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in saying this, are you aware you can disable sound detection? ( i am with you, I have so many sound alerts, I had to disable mine.)

and in wanting to see that screenshot I was hoping to see the tags ( where these say sound) for the other recordings you have.

I would begin screen shooting the recordings if there is some type of pattern, be that type or time. for example. if you know you have a person event, you have seen that tag on the clip, screen shot them, you hen have proof it was there. later in the evening when you look at JUST the person tags if it is not there you can screen shot that as well and show that in the timeline where you know it should be there is nothing. this will give you verifiable evidence that something is happening. and going from there, if say you send logs ( and attach the screen shots) in the developers will be able to track that exact clip for that exact time down in the servers ( I think… im not sure on their access abilities for something like that) and see why it isn’t showing up.

this is quite confusing…we are going to get to the bottom of it though…

I figured I’d leave it on with sensitivity at it’s lowest just in case I needed to try and “listen” for something vs reviewing local storage and then just filter them out.

I did already screenshot some this morning that are correct.

Screenshot of person only:

In this one sound is specifically filtered out as indicated by the bubble on top but they’re still showing:

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yes, if none of the filters are on, everything will be shown. but if you were to click motion or person on, then none of the sound clips should show as you are filtering only for clips the filter is showing.

with all of the filters off you should be able to scroll assuming all types have been captured and see the clips at their respective times.

even at it’s lowest, that sound sensitivity is still pretty darn tootin sensitive…

Maybe I’m just not understanding how the filters should work.

In this shot from earlier there were these events:

Looking at those same filters applied now, this is what I see:

So, what happened to those earlier events? If I uncheck motion they show back up, buy shouldn’t they be there to start since they were there earlier with the filters applied? That’s where I’m getting confused.

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what you are saying makes sense. I really don’t know on that particular one, I usually only do one filter at a time. this more than likely will change for me once Wyze releases the added AI filters being working on currently as I might want to search for people & pets versus just people. or when trying to find package delivery. but currently I only do one filter at a time when looking for things such as my mail delivery. I’m not but a simple Maven :rofl: :upside_down_face:

I’m going to tag in some friends that might have more experience than I do with this. they might be able to guide both of us in a suitable direction…@mavens…thoughts on this? Ive not had use of multiple filters negate clips before…have any of you seen or experienced this behavior before?