12 second vids in cloud for 14 days? Not?

I have found that for each WyzeCam Event Recording (motion), a video that shows up the next morning (night recording usually of a fox) is there in the cloud and I can see it from the App and after I download it it remains there all day, but the next day it is gone from the cloud.
Do the Wyze “cloud brains” know I’ve downloaded the video and therefore delete it after 24 hours?
I think I may have experimented and just watched part of a 12 second video in the cloud via the App (different camera, just a car driving by), and that video too is gone the next day.
Aren’t the 12 second motion event videos supposed to remain accessible in the cloud for 14 days regardless?

Hi, @richapple. The videos are not deleted until after 14 days. You may need to tap on a previous day to see older event videos. See screenshot below. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh my. That was right there and I didn’t see it! Thanks so much. It’s great to have a simple answer, and worth it to look just a bit silly to have had to ask. Thanks!


You’re welcome! Don’t feel bad I did the samething when I first got my cameras. :grinning:


Me too. :grin: