Competitors of Wyze Cam with Similar Cam Plus Service?

I love Wyze and have a few cameras. I’m also looking to add and setup a friends house. He asked what are some other similar brands of DIY security to compare that also offer “person”, “motion”, “car”, “pet”, etc detection? Lmk thank you

Popular competitors to Wyze that people could compare to include:

  • Eufy
  • Arlo
  • Reolink
  • Ring
  • Blink
  • Google Nest
  • Any RTSP compatible camera
    • You can connect these up in a way to train your own detections for literally anything you want to detect (including person, pet, vehicle, etc). If you do this, I recommend looking into some that are easy to use with Home assistant plugins. Then your options are virtually unlimited… But it is a lot more technical and complicated to set up, so it’s not as easy for non-technically-inclined individuals unless they’ll have help.
  • Any camera that works with the TinyCam app can be used through TinyCam to detect people and vehicles and save recordings to a hard drive. And Tiny Cam offers thier own cloud storage options (most of these brands work with Tiny Cam, including Wyze… In fact Wyze hired the guy who created Tiny Cam)
  • And hundreds of others, including security companies, cable companies, and so many we could never list them all. Many are just clones of each other or rebrand 3rd party contracts, etc.

I recommend doing such research. I did. I ended up with Wyze because there was so much more value compared to the others with a lot of constant innovation. I could get a ton more fun stuff for less cost, So a comparison was very helpful for me. If I was buying $200 cameras then I could only get a couple of them, but with Wyze I could buy a ton of them and and surprisingly have more features than a lot of the more expensive options, so a comparison helped me see this was the way I wanted to go. I like that others have different preferences for others instead though. It makes sure there is continual competition to incentivize innovation and better prices so everyone wins.

I admit I even have some cams from some of these other companies, but even after trying out some of these others, I keep coming back to Wyze as the best overall, for me at least. I have roughly 2 dozen Wyze cams with Cam Plus now, and no more than 3 from any other company.

Best of luck figuring out your own preferences! :slight_smile:


Roku lol

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