Eufy 2K Indoor Cam vs. Wyze Cam v2

I have 5x Wyze Cam V2’s, and bought 2x Eufy 2K’s recently. Both Wyze and Eufy 2K are good inexpensive choices, so here is my review. Hope others can add their experience to this thread…

For Wyze, I like how I can create a 2x2 dashboard to see up to 4 live camera feeds at the same time. The mount is magnetic, so easy to place, adjust and move around. However, sound quality is pretty bad. The camera sharpness seems to be a hit-and-miss for me, I bought 4 recently and 2 had very soft pictures (bad focus)? But there are 70,000 positive reviews on amazon, so maybe I just had bad luck. Also, 7 days (correction, 14 days) of short alert videos is free. Also, you can group cameras to apply the same schedule and automation to them. I don’t use the automation feature, just use the grouping to create a dashboard of multiple live feeds. A single Wyze cam V2 is $19 + s/s on Wyze site or $25 on Amazon.

For Eufy 2K, the camera picture is sharp, sound is very good, but you can only view 1 live camera feed at a time. I like the playback timeline, where the motion periods are in orange and the no-motion periods are blue when you do continuous recording. 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x playback is nice, which Wyze doesn’t have. 2k resolution seems a little sharper, but not a huge different to warrant the higher cost alone. I hate the encrypted SD card, since I can’t just plug the card into my PC to copy a large amount of videos. It also has RTSP feature, but I have not tried yet. No grouping or automation features. Person detection and pet detection are free, of course, a single Eufy 2k is more expensive at $39 on Amazon as well.


14 days.

Good review, thanks.

I tried the Eufy 2K cams as well for the on device person detection. Works great and night vision is better. Goes on sell here and there for less than $30. Better option for me as I don’t want to pay a subscription for person detection.

Has anyone worked up a way for Eufy person detection to trigger Alexa announcements? That is hands down Wyze’s best feature.

By the way, @ctny, you should be able to use the Eufy’s RTSP support to get 4 or more grid views in TinyCam and other software.

Eufy updated their firmware and Android app a week ago.

It started missing detection and notifications for 2k cam.