Competition is heating up

Where did you see eufy in 40 $

It was a review.
They aren’t available until May.

There is a good article about them here, with prices: Anker Launching New HomeKit-Compatible Indoor Security Cameras Next Month - MacRumors

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I don’t have person only notifications in my app now that person detection is gone.

I have a Eufy Doorbell camera, which uses the same local model that their outdoor and I presume their indoor cameras use. While I love the local only model (and really wish Wyze would update firmware for the Wyze Lock to allow local only control…) the issue I have with how Eufy implements it is that you can only access your videos via their phone app. If you want to be able to access your videos from a PC you’re going to have to pay for their Cloud based service. It seems that the primary driver of the cost coming down on all these home automation devices isn’t that hardware is getting cheaper, it’s that they are selling it an lower margins to a loss so they can sell you on their cloud services. Which also means they’re less inclined to support or include features that support local network only use.

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This is why I still haven’t updated my v2 cams firmware since last year. Didn’t want to lose that feature. Not sure if you ca flash the firmware back to an older version. I’ve never done it before so I don’t know much about it.

Yes you can flash older firmware on the Wyze cameras.
There is a how-to on the support site.

This is one of the appeals for HomeKit users. It would allow video stored in iCloud.

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True 2K is 2048x1080 but I think what they are referring to is standard 1080P (1920x1080). Even if it’s 2048x1080 do you think an extra 128 horizontal pixels is going to make some difference in what you can see?

Yeah unfortunately I would have to completely agree! I was asking about Homekit support, and checking Wyze’s official thread on it for literally almost 2yrs only to find out back in Dec of 2019 that its never happening regardless

So I guess short of Wyze creating new camera hardware ASAP that is Homekit-compatible, looks like i’ll be pre-ordering these Eufy guys!

BTW, if your not familiar w/ the post I'm referring to, you can see screenshot of it below, or check out the thread itself here: [Homekit Thread](

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You are correct in the HomeKit thread I linked below there are several posts by WYZE employees. The current V1 V2 and Pan cams do not meet the specs required by HomeKit. WYZE applied for an exception and were denied. They are trying to get the sensors and other items approved for HomeKit but have not been able to yet.

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HomeKit is just Apple’s way of unnecessarily milking people for more money, just like the MFi program. I don’t want anything to do with it on principal.

I have no issues with current Wyze integrations other than there needs to be a web-based interface to view feeds. I’d also like to see Wyze open up the native data protocol so that third party developers can create solutions (for example, Roku/Apple TV/FireStick apps to view all cameras)

As for a $40 Eufy with supposedly 6% greater resolution, I’d rather have two $20 Wyze cams than one $40 of anything else.

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HomeKit integration is the selling point for me. If WYZE gets there first, I will stay with WYZE because I want to support WYZE. Their presence in the market is why we are now seeing competitors produce similar items in comparable price ranges.

Wyze is not going to be Homekit compatible any time soon. They tried but were turned down.

Look generally speaking, I’m 100% w/ you when it comes to Apple unnecessarily bilking customers/manufacturers out of $…
However, when it comes to HomeKit that is not the motivation for certification, it’s all about security & privacy. HomeKit is Apple’s way of extending the inherent privacy protections built into their product ecosystem to 3rd party devices. It also acts as a way to standardize functionality to a certain extent so users immediately know how to setup, and what experience to expect after purchasing a HomeKit-compatible product, regardless of the manufacturer.

This guarantees uniformity of functionality across devices in the ecosystem, and more importantly sets a security standard ensuring devices that work with HomeKit automatically include full end-end encryption of all communications between HomeKit, and the 3rd party device manufacturer’s servers.

It’s actually that latter requirement that has lead to all of the existing Wyze cameras being rejected by Apple for HomeKit. They simply do not have the onboard processing power necessary to host both the native video/image processing capabilities, and encrypt all communications…

This is a very, very different approach from what Google, and especially Amazon are doing! They both have essentially no verification process for the products certified to work with their ecosystems, nor do they even bother to validate the security of related communications/packets going back-and-forth between the smart devices servers and the GoogleHome/Alexa APIs…

All of that being said, Google/Alexa compatible devices are wayyyy more plentiful, and overall significantly cheaper, which is great! But at the end of the day I guess you have to decide what’s most important to you:
Getting the best bang for your buck and leaving your home networks backdoor open, or paying more up front for quality, long-lasting, and secure hardware that guarantees your child never wakes up to a some random Russian dude yelling at them from Siberia!

If you want to read more on all of this checkout this CNET article, it’s does a great job at highlighting the pros/cons of each system:

HomeKit is a better smart home platform than you think…

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Checkout the moderators comment above about the cameras and HomeKit compatibility… Unless your referring to Wyze’s other devices gaining HomeKit integration they already made it clear they won’t be beating anyone to market because the hardware simply isn’t capable!

iOS / HomeKit support MUST happen soon or it will singularly be the cause of a vast defection of WYZE lovers.

Without using Siri but at least having some integration with the Home app is non Negotiable for much longer.

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The current cameras have a stream of 1080 with a second stream of 360. Apple requires the second stream to be 720. The cannot upgrade the firmware to have a second stream of 720. They applied for an exception and were turned down. Due to that the current lineup of cams cannot be HomeKit enabled. This information is all from the HomeKit #wishlist thread if you want to attempt to sift through it all.

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Much appreciated clarity … what a shame we have been teased about “looking into it” and “it’s in the roadmap as a priority” and on and on for two plus years now.

With your clarity it would seem the decision is now made for a significant portion of us, many like me who are among the earliest WYZE fan boys … time to say good bye.

Feel free to check eBay & Craig’s list for an awesome deal on 17 camera, 7 sensors, 2 door locks, and a two week old band and scale duo as well.

Many more sakes will soon follow doubt as the market begins supplying what millions want and at the right price point.

Thank you WYZE for the great times and the push the market needed.


Wish they would deliver to canada…got wyze cam but they dont deliver anything else. :pensive: