Compatibility with Phillips Hue System?

Are these bulbs compatible with the Phillips Hue system? Do the Wyze bulbs require "bridge’ hardware, of do they work directly from the Wyze App? Thanks.

Wyze Bulbs do not require a bridge/hub. They connect directly to WiFi as standalone devices.

They don’t directly interact with Phillips Hue. You can use IFTTT or Alexa to create routines connected to other platforms like Phillips Hue devices though. Possibly others in the future. Some people have used Home Assistant to do this too, but that is not officially supported. Wyze has mentioned researching supporting other options in the future, but there is nothing official or guaranteed at this point.

Other than that, yes, the Wyze bulbs do work directly from the Wyze App, or through IFTTT, or Alexa, or Google Assistant for the time being. I have used them with all of the above.


Thank you very much. Even though I have the Phillips hub, I think I’ll add a couple of Wyze bulbs (rather than additional Phillips) since I have the Wyze app ready to go for my other Wyze devices.