Connect Wyze bulbs to Harmony Hub

How can I connect my Wyze bulbs to my Logitech Harmony Hub so I can turn them on and off with my home theater?


The only way I would know of currently is a way through IFTTT, I do not have a Harmony Hub so I would not know specifically how to go about it, but if it can send a command to IFTTT you can have IFTTT then turn them on and off.

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We need total harmony integration

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Can this be done with the Logitech Harmony Hub?

It worked great with my Phillips Hue lights but after switching to Wyze rgb bulbs I can’t get it to work.

I think you’ll find that you can’t control the Wyze bulbs with anything other than the Wyze App, Alexa, Google or IFTTT. There are some add ins for a few other platforms but not Harmony.