Community Spotlight 3/1 - Demonfire

Welcome to our new Community Spotlight!

We’ll be nominating someone to win a prize for their engagement in the forums every couple of weeks. There are multiple ways to qualify such as giving us detailed bug reports (including app and firmware versions), awesome video contributions, or community helpfulness.

After someone wins, they won’t be eligible to win again for 6 months. We have a fantastic community with many members that regularly contribute and we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to hold the Spotlight.

This may change a bit over time as we fine-tune things but we’ll keep you posted. We want a way to thank people for being wonderful and call out people who have gone above and beyond here.

Our first winner is @Demonfire! We’ll be sending them a Wyze Cam v2 as thanks for their help guiding people to the Wyze updates during the service outage, asking helpful clarifying questions while we worked to figure out what was going on, and answering questions and engaging with a variety of topics in different areas of the forum.

We look forward to our next Community Spotlight! :slight_smile:


Oh wow. I’m speechless. Thank you everyone! I hope that anyone would help me as I have helped others in a time of need.



Our pleasure! Thank you for all of the help that you’ve been providing your fellow community members.


Anytime! And if anyone ever needs help, feel free to message me.


Sounds great! We’ll be sure to do so. :slight_smile:

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Congrats, D!