Community Spotlight 3/29 - gemniii

Welcome to our Community Spotlight!

For those new to the forum or who missed the previous Spotlights, we nominate someone to win a prize for their engagement in the forums every couple of weeks. There are multiple ways to qualify such as giving us detailed bug reports (including app and firmware versions), awesome video contributions, or community helpfulness. After someone wins, they won’t be eligible to win again for 6 months so that everyone has the opportunity to hold the Spotlight. We’re still in the early stages so this may change a bit over time as we fine-tune things but we’ll let you know if that happens.

This time, our Community Spotlight is going to @gemniii! They’ve been active in reporting bugs and making helpful suggestions around the forum (such as changing topic names to be more clear). They’ve also helped people with questions about how to use their Wyze Cams.

Thanks, @gemniii! I’ll be sending you a PM shortly to request shipping information for your limited edition Wyze Cam v2. :slight_smile:


now back to my posting dumb questions :slight_smile:


Congrats, @gemniii!!!

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You’re welcome! And we love your questions. :smiley:

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April fools :slight_smile:

Ha! Nobody believes anything today.

Congrats @gemniii


Congratulations, hope you enjoy. :laughing:


Hoorah! :slight_smile:


Nice work! Good job!

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Is there a prize for sycophancy? You wonderful person you.

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Just for the record, kissing up to moderators is not a factor in the Community Spotlight award. Contribution to the community with useful information and helping out other users is what matters.


Congrats, @gemniii

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Yeah, but only if you’re in a spelling bee. We may appreciate solid spelling here but there isn’t a prize for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s HERE!!
Neither black nor white!!
REALLY like the transparent case - is that going to be an option?

That sort of speaks of Wyze, a lot of transparency in the organization,
/edit - The clear cam looks sort of “nerdy” and you can see the status light easily from two sides and the top.


The transparent case is a super special limited edition thing and I haven’t heard of plans to sell it. :slight_smile:

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Ain’t seen green beard in ages. I miss his intelligent irascibility. Cheers, bub. :beer: :beers:


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