Communication issue

That’s my message after many trys to program thermostat. Get on Internet then when hitting begin it says communication issue network not good. So I go through steps again re do connection and password connects then nothing. I. Have no heat for days and its cold out. Is ther any manual override? The knob only does on thing so far, go to rest yes or no.

Goes to re-set, yes or no?

Does your network have any special characters in the SSID or password?
Are you using a 2.4 GHz network?
Is your phone on the same network during setup?

Holding down the knob will bring up this screen for the factory reset function.

Did you get this problem fixed? I am having the same message and cannot seem to bypass it.

Just did, I had to call for help which isn’t an easy thing to do, twice. first time waited about 30 min for a person, after tracking down the number(hard),he was very helpful and tried to work through it and we concluded maybe my modem was so old it did not have enough upload speed. So got a new one after dealing with internet service, took 2 hours, and two days later new modem. Hooked up and NOPE, same message. It is 2.4, called internet again, confirmed that all was well, tried all ways to reset and restart. Nope, called Wyze again, used 2 phones each calling because I got cut off twice on one after a 15 min hold. So finally a person, very calm, cause I wasn’t very, no heat for 4 days, and somehow after walking through the whole set up process, again, magically it connected and moved on to a progaming mode. I think that a call to a real person is needed if you have an all clear on wiring, connecting to internet and then instant shut down with the bad service box. Good Luck! Do you have the number? In case not, 844-999-3226, don’t give up works great once your in!