Communication Issue Thermostat

I have everything connected and in the setup it says your thermostat is ready to go. As soon as I try the personalization before the system test it always says communication error and my network is not good. I tried rebooting.

Maybe try deleting and start over? Press the knob for 10 - 15 seconds to reset.

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I tried pushing knob in and it reset and I deleted and tried it over same thing. I can’t get to the next step which it test

Maybe connect phone to local WiFi

Had the same error and even if I closed the app, disconnected the thermostat, it still kept getting this error even though it was connected to the network. Wyze chat line useless and the wait on the phone was long and while I was waiting I kept going back and forth through the same screens. I think I tried every possibility (maybe Enter Later?), but many attempts, and at a certain point it just went through.

Same issue here. Kept retrying and it went through after about 5-10 tries like jonz says. I did reboot phone but don’t think it was necessary. It didn’t work after that. Tried a few more times and it connected. Good luck.

I have the same issue. I’ve reset the thermostat as well as my router several times and even cleared the router IPs . Still stuck at the personalization stage and the “Network is not Good” message. My network is fine and both the thermostat and iPhone with the Wyze App are connected to it via 2.4G.

Seems to be a known and common issue. Tired of trying over and over again to connect a new device. tried all the above multiple times. Took the above advice to just keep beating on it but no joy. Refuses to let me set preferences or skip. Emailed support, but of course it’s after hours and since it will be cold tonight guess who gets to uninstall the new and reinstall the old. Not good.

Hi all. I wish I remember the random sequence that I did to get it to work. One thing I did was just pull it of the wall so it powered down and then put it back on again. I also remember that there were options to either skip or try again. I tried both numerous times and finally got through.

As far as Wyze (hello are you there?). You make really disruptive products and I own a lot of them, but you better beef up your support; as well as monitoring these forums.

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I’ll just chime in as another new user experiencing the same issue. I also have a phantom wiring issue mentioned in another thread with my HVAC heatpump system.

Same issue here, did someone find the solution ? Or just keep trying ?

I just emailed Tech Support again for the 3rd time

:dizzy:Sprint XR

Any news ?

No response yet. Don’t expect one till Monday.

For my heat pump setup I think it may have been a wiring related issue adding to the problem. I changed the aux / emergency / electric heating strip from W1 to the * terminal and set it to emergency in the Wyze app. At some point I was able to get to the personalize section after doing that. At the core I still think it’s a wyze network issue as a second thermostat install with no wiring app errors still got the network bad communication error. I just kept trying and it finally got to the next step…

As a final attempt I tried setting up a new Wyze account and loading the APP on a different iPhone. Although it acted a bit different, setup still got stuck at the “personalization” screen with the same “network not good” message.

Same deal. Tried everything I can think of and everything listed here. Tried a reset and setup it on my phone hotspot with no change, Strange that I was able to update the Firmware over the network that it has issues with… Help ticket opened.

***FIXED! *** As advised above I just alternated smashing ‘Begin’ and ‘Enter Later’ probably close to 100 times and it just finally let me in. Verified operation, set my schedule and is working great. The only other thing I would add prior to button smashing is to make sure your wifi is good by updating the firmware.

I probably didn’t try it 100 times, but many. Same result. Ridiculous.

Heard back from Wyze via email. First reply was a rehash of what to check and update. Second email requested I install an APP on my phone that will monitor what is going on between my network and the thermostat and provide the details to Wyze for analysis. Scary uploading all this network data to a company who’s devices are made in China. I’m going to take my other devices off the network for the test and I’m not sure that will protect my information anyway. Not a good solution.

Will try that later today when I have time to uninstall my working thermostat and install the Wyze thermostat again. The last time I intend to do this installation.

My opinion; they released this device too early and the Quality Control shop let the company down.