Command Strips for Outdoor Cam?

I just bought a Wyze Outdoor Cam for our front porch. We rent the home we live in currently, and am wondering if 3M outdoor command strips are a good alternative to screwing the cam’s mount into the walls of the house? For example, if anyone else has done this, will the strips stand up to the elements and still hold the camera in place? (Heat, rain, etc.) I would like to avoid drilling holes into the exterior wall if I can help it, so any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

I used them to mount some motion detectors under my eaves but one fell off during the heat. Don’t know if 3m makes one specifically for outside, but wouldn’t trust the indoor ones to support the camera outside. They work fine indoors.

I’ve tried using the strips with a V2 (and many other things). If @jeg2315 is talking about the Wyze Outdoor Cam with built in battery I suspect it will be far to heavy for one command strip to hold for long.
What is the exterior wall made of?

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I was thinking about this. I didnt take the chance since I have siding and afraid that the strips are not going to get the best grip since its not flat as a drywall.
I dont think weight is a factor since you can put multiple strips to compensate for the weight.

@gemniii @aroiny18 Appreciate the comments. The house we rent has drywall. We live in a fairly moderate climate with a lot of fog, so the heat doesn’t get extreme but the humidity/wetness can be a factor.

I have used outdoor strips on some solar motion-sensor lights that I put up around the exterior of the house, but they are much lighter than the Outdoor Cam which is the one with the battery. To the point made earlier, I could use multiple strips on the Cam but just wondering if that has worked long-term for others.

Correct me if I’m wrong but you still haven’t said what your exterior wall is made of?

For @aroiny18 and others with vinyl siding, these work great.

Is that drywall on the OUTSIDE and if so is it heavily painted?
In that case I would be concerned about the camera and command strips ripping off a patch of wall paint.
Do you have accessible eaves with soffits? I’ve one house with soffits that have venting holes that have just the right size for a #10 screw. I’ve screwed a camera mount in and later removed it and one can hardly see where it was.

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