Color Bulbs with WIFI Music/Weather Proof/Dance with Music/Solar Rechargeable Option/Alexa

Ok looking for something out of this world. Image light bulbs for inside or outside, with speakers on a 2.4g Wifi, that change hues, can dance with music or sounds, weather proof of outside, solar with rechargable batteries option. This may be two different products or one that can be made to work for standard led bulb replacement with an weather proof yard light or pole mount enclosures. May want to hang in the trees in a lamp enclosure that lets music play. Also be able to turn on or control with Alexa/google capable. As an option they could be motion activated also if some one is prowling the grounds (which could trigger say dogs barking, a terminator voice to “make my day” or a gun cocking, etc) to light a path as you walk around it. Just a lot of flexibility.

May want to have not just music but some nature sounds that our outside our normal environment.

I have see light bulbs with blue tooth doing some basic functions but needs to be wifi on 2.4g

Not long ago I bought some color LED bulbs just to have on hand when old bulbs go out. I wanted to test them to make sure they worked and found out they have a “music mode” where the Smart Life app on my phone listens and changes the bulbs according to the sound.

It wasn’t anything I was looking for, and the Amazon page I ordered them from didn’t mention this feature, but nevertheless it’s there.


Will you support a “party mode” of some sort where the bulbs can randomly change colors with music? I currently use a competitor’s product and love that option for small get togethers or singing Karaoke at home.


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I forgot which app / bulbs do this, but I read some bulbs have a feature that sync to music. Meaning, pulse, change color, or something based on intensity or tempo of current music.


I think it would be great if the wyze color bulb had a mode similar to the LIFX bulbs where it can sync to music and sort of dance with light to an Alexa device.


Maybe something like this is already available and I haven’t found it but I’d like to be able to put my color bulbs into a party mode it other animated scenes where the colors change randomly, etc. My boys love all the colors and ask me if there’s a way for it to change colors automatically all the time.


Would LOVE to see an app feature for the color bulb that includes a “dance” mode, where the bulb automatically scrolls through colors automatically! I have about 20 of these and it would be really cool!