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Request for releasing plugs that can be plugged in to 220v sockets

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Type I also?
240v for Australia and New Zealand.
Am a firm believer of Wyze products and would love to have a smart plug that works with my Cams and Sense.

Make a Wyze Plug that supports 220v. Bought mine direct from store, had it shipped to Asia, and promptly destroyed it because I got excited and didn’t read the specs.


I bought wyze plug 2-pack from and got it shipped to my home in South Africa. I didn’t know it is 120V and blew it by plugging it with a standard converter. 1 down and 1 in the drawer! Hope you are developing for International customers like me. All the best!

bought the camera and sense for my wife and friends in SE asia and they love it … it would be nice to get the plugs so i can plug an alarm siren. i think there is a market for it. mi products sucks! china only products/servers for specific countries/etc = sketchy…

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Is there any plans for 220v products such as Bulb, Plug?

Please look towards supporting your products like Wyze Plug, Wyze Surge Protector with 220V input. Lot of markets like India can be target for your products. btw, google just invested close to 10 billion $ in Indian market. Are you looking towards expansion too ?

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I have met and loved the Wyze product line while working in the USA, however shortly I will be returning home to Australia. I would be interested in a 240v compatible Wyze Plug I could use back home.

I also wish the Wyze Plug would support 220v sockets for use here in the Philippines. I already have Wyze Cams & Sense. It would be great to have just a single app to control my smart appliances. Besides that, it’s difficult to find a Smart Plug here that has a LAN Control feature (so internet connection is not required to access the app) and will still work even after a power outage. IFTTT support sounds magnificent too.

Hi! According to the FAQs, the Wyze Plug is not compatible with 200~240v outlets. I hope a version will be released that will work in the Philippines (220v).

I wish it will also have a LAN Control feature so even if the Internet is down, a WiFi connection is all its needed and will still work for controlling the plug through the Wyze App. Being able to store the last configuration before a Power Outage and use if when the power goes back on is also a very good functionality.

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I am looking for a indoor smart plug that can be used to remotely control my gutter heaters.

These are 220 volt and are hard wired into a circuit panel

I would look to be able to run the existing wire from breaker panel into this device and then hard wire the line output from this device to the gutter heater.

I could also add male plug ends on the existing wires to simply plug into this device.

This device would operate like the existing 110v smart plugs. But, it would be really great if we could set rules and triggers based upon the real-time outdoor weather conditions. Similar to how the irrigation controller now works.

Ideally, I want to be able to remote control this plug over WiFi and have it turn on/turnoff when the outdoor temperature is between 5-30 degrees.

My current gutter heaters are have a fixed set point to go on at 40 degrees and only goes off if temp rises above >40 degrees or I have to manually turn the circuit breaker off. Not very efficient:(

Wyze has all the pieces to make this happen on your smart plug and irrigation controller!

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Multivoltage products is a must in this day and age. Please please do bring it on. Wyze do have many international customers who buy their products through alternative distribution channels. The lack of multi-voltage capability for certain products which require direct plugging to the mains, is keeping Wyze international customers from embracing the whole ecosystem. Many amongst them would just like to have a “one-up-to-rule-them-all” approach, but this is not possible if we they have to have bulbs and doorbells from other manufacturers. Thanks.

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I REALLY need a WYZE plug/outlet/relay/whatever that I can use to control the 220VAC water heater and
/or air-conditioning system in my vacation home, so that I can turn them on while enroute and have hot water and a cool space when I arrive. Also, be able to turn them off if I forget to when I leave. I realize I could cobble up a gadget that would do this using two WYZE plugs, but that seems messy and I’d rather just buy something that is ready-to-go with a minimum of installation/rewiring. Ideally, it would be a drop-in replacement circuit breaker, but there are so many of them with different physical configurations, I recognize that would probably be impractical, but an adapter box to be installed at the controlled device itself would be acceptable.

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Make all bulbs officially 220v-240v compatible.

I bought a bunch of the original Wyze bulbs and used them without issues (although after 2 years, 1 died and one more constantly disconnects)

I bought some Color Bulbs, and plugged one in tonight. Initially worked, but died within an hour.
I then thought, “oh crap, Bulbs must be 220v compatible, but not Color Bulb.” Turns out neither are officially. Saw one support post stating original Wyze Bulbs are marketed as 120v but built on 220v hardware so should be ok.

Has that not carried over to Color Bulb?

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I recognize this advice - but I don’t think this is something anyone has raised since Wyze’s focus market is the Americas, which all operate on the 110-120volts.

Can Wyze consider changing the operating voltage of their bulbs to “110V -240V” ? This is a very trivial change in the board design, but a major one for the Wyze enthusiasts because we (who live in Africa, oh and the UK and elsewhere that use the 240V standard) can also get the change to buy the bulbs?

Please make the Wyze bulb color work on 230v 50hz :sob:

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The Wyze Bulb Color is rated for 120V - 60Hz which does not work in the UK/Europe. It would be great if Wyze released a version of the Bulb Color for UK/Europe.

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Currently the Wyze Lamp Socket only has a 120V inout/output version for the US.
I want to suggest that Wyze create a 220V version for the EU and rest of the world.

Please make the Wyze Bulb Color usefull on 220v systems or let us know if they are like the original Wyze Bulb.


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220V Support for all devices

almost all your devices expect cameras only supports 110v. I understand that primer market is US but making it compatible with both 110/220V will not add too much value on the product but make it available for much larger audience. For example I purchased PS5 in US market but same adapter works flawlessly in Europe too. Nowadays majority of adapters are both 110/220V compatible, so what is the reason to limit your products to 110V?

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