COlor bulbs and alexa issue

So 2 days ago everything was working fine. yesterday i had a power failure at my house. i noticed my livingroom color bulb was flashing green so i reinstalled it. After doing so everything seemed to work fine EXCEPT the alexa integration., The alexa app showed it but when i asked it to turn it on or off it would not it said unable to connect to null. funny thing is all my other color bulbs worked fine and still do.
What I did to try and fix itL

  1. logged out of alexa app and relogged in.
  2. unsync wyze from Alexa
  3. unlink Alexa from Wyze.
  4. A brand new color bulb

Nothing worked… however I had a old Wyze GEN 1 light bulb and was able to sync it and make it work via wyze. This seems to be a issue strictly with the color bulb and installing.