Color bulb final sale?

I just noticed that the color bulb is listed as ‘final sale’. Are they discontinuing these? Is there going to be a replacement?


Came here to ask the very same question.
Have you gotten a response from anyone?
9 days is a rather long time for what I think is an important question.

I did contact support and they said that it is not being discontinued. This is just the Black Friday sale.

Very confusing wording


I’m skeptical. I ran into a similar situation with my outdoor tools. They ran an oddly worded sale on their 20V offerings, which I was investing heavily in.
I reached out to their support and was told the line was absolutely not being discontinued.
Shortly after I bought a couple more items, they nuked the entire line.

I just know if I buy these, they’ll release an updated version at the same price or just a little more, and I’ll be pissed.
Meh, the sale’s only a couple bucks anyway. I think I’ll pass.
I don’t trust any company today.

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The answer to this on Discord isn’t much clearer but does imply that the bulbs MAY be discontinued:

So, more ambiguity.
Definitely passing on this sale.
I don’t like the idea of ‘No Returns’ as too many defective products are sold today.
Final Sale, I understand. I wouldn’t anticipate getting my money back.
If “this may be the end of the line”, I personally want to see a bigger discount than, what…a buck and a half per bulb on a 4 pack.

Yeah, months later and still the same. So much for the “Black Friday Sale” excuse someone mentioned being given by customer service last year! Too bad, I almost grabbed a few of them. Now the other items are going to sit im cart because of the shipping. Oddly enough, you can go to their Amazon store, pay $3 more the 2 pack of plugs and get them on Prime, or get completely taken to the cleaners by getting the 4 pack for 44 and some change vs. 29.99 direct through their site. Buyer beware, they are fleecing people!