Where are the color bulbs? New ones coming?

Lately the availability of the regular A19 color bulbs has been spotty. In and out of stock in the Wyze.com store. Can’t find them on Amazon or on HomeDepot.com for a good while now. Are they just popular, or are they clearing out old stock to prep for a replacement soon? What’s the rhubarb?


I saw some people talking about this on Reddit and Discord over the last couple of months. Word on the street is that Wyze already has a Wyze Bulb Color v2. Here’s a copy of someone’s screenshot of it on Discord:

But it’s basically the same thing, just slightly different packaging and firmware. Apparently, the newer bulbs are slightly smaller and have a slightly improved coloring to them. But they aren’t advertised as v2’s because there isn’t really an update to them. They have all the same stuff, so they’ve just been calling them Wyze Bulb Color as well.

As for keeping them in stock, I have no answers there…but they aren’t working on another new different bulb right now as far as I can tell.