CMC stopped my events

As soon as I signed up for free CMC trial events stopped working. I thought this was fixed last night? Or am I missing something. This is happening on the pc (memu or bluestacks), android and iphone. I’m connected to the internet as I can watch live. Please advise on this. Thanks.


Last night there was a processing delay that was affecting all events, CMC as well as the free 12 second events and the Scene Action videos etc. That particular issue appears to be resolved. What specifically is not working for you?

I get the failed to download error. Only on the cam I have set up for CMC. The other cam that I did not put on CMC is working fine. Since Facebook seems to be having issues today I can’t even post a video there of what’s happening. Hope this gets fixed because this is important to capture

I had the same issue on one of my cams right after CMC was released. I signed up for the free trial and suddenly every event would freeze up the camera. I could live stream from it without issue until there was a motion event. Nothing would be recorded as an event.

As soon as I cancelled the free trial on the camera everything returned to normal. I don’t know if there is a resolution to the issue.

Ugh. So sad. I needed this today as I have to keep an eye on something while helping Mom out with Thanksgiving. I thought that this was fixed? I can’t even access Facebook to go to the group and see what others have done.

And to top it off I can’t figure how to do a screen recorder on my Samsung A20 to even show you all what I’m doing. Unless I do the capture from the other cam. Ugh. . I’m not tech savvy so I have no idea what to do.

Both CMC and regular events are happening for me on my V2’s (my Pan rarely gets events), My cams don’t look at the same area but I got a regular at 06:46 and 08:02 EST and on my CMC at 07:14 and 08:22. Plus many others on several other cams earlier.

Sniff, then it’s just me again as usual. I’m very sad as this will now never get resolved. I have 2 V2s. Again the only one I’m having this problem with is the one on CMC. The other V2 that is not on the CMC sub is running fine. And both are showing live events but CMC is NOT working for me. Also why am I now being asked for CC information? I thought we had 2 week free trial and at the end of that they ask. Am I missing something here? Now it’s not triggering any CMC at all. Please, to Wyze, I love your products but can you look into this? :frowning:

Friend - Please remember this is Thanksgiving holiday in the United States and this forum is run by volunteers that are not Wyze employees. And I think all Wyze is on holiday. @WyzeGwendolyn wrote she might check in.
We will try to help but our resources are limited.
Do you have an SD card you can put in the camera?

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I would force close and restart the app as well as physically unplug the affected camera. Wait a slow 5 count and plug it back in.

It won’t address any videos you already took but hopefully will correct future issues. For the ones you can’t download I would open a support ticket.

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Any ideas why I’m being asked for payment information? The thing stated 14 days and then they’ll ask.

I thought you already had the free trial? It’s only available for 1 camera, if you add another camera you have to pay. But either way the free trial asks for payment info when you sign up not when the trial ends. You won’t be charged until the trial ends however.

But if you signed up for the free trial before today and it is just now asking for payment information something is wrong. I would contact support.

Oh ok. Thanks. I"ll just do the one cam then til the free trial is up. I was trying to add the second one to see if I had issues with that cam/events. Thanks for clarifying. :slight_smile:

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BTW: I wound up cancelling CMC. It still only recorded 15 seconds for me although there was like a minute or two of continuous motion, and the cam kept getting disconnected. I need the cam in that area so to me it was more work then just the normal 12 seconds on the cloud we had before. Ironically though the events and cam started working perfectly once again like seconds after I cancelled CMC. It has to be related somehow.

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CMC does increase the network traffic coming from a camera so if the WiFi connection was at all iffy it may have been just too much for it.

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Crud. Ok. There may be times that I could use this especially for elderly mother when I"m not home. :frowning:

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Sorry for my delay!

This sounds like it was probably a network speed issue to me. CMC definitely increases the traffic and I have seen this symptom before when a network wasn’t quite up to it. But, without further troubleshooting, I can’t say for sure. I would recommend contacting our customer support team.

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