Cloud Storage on 3rd party Storage Providers

Same, still waiting on this feature. Seems like it should be a snap using ssh on your local network to dump to the NAS. We’ve been requesting this feature for a long while. Personally i don’t care for the RTSP feature for extended use, its still “unfinished”. While its beneficial, there is no way to control the bit rate, so its imperative to keep your multiple RTSP cameras streaming on a separate router to not stress your normal use wifi router.

Add dropbox integration


@gbanay Before we move this to the #wishlist, could you please explain further what you envision for Dropbox integration? One reason I ask is that you can already integrate with Dropbox indirectly. For example, if you have Dropbox set up on your phone, you can use the Share button on an event video to share the video to your Dropbox. Are you looking for something beyond that?


Beyond that, I personally would like to have it automatically save event videos, and manual photos/videos, to Dropbox, and not have to do the manual step of clicking Share and saving it to Dropbox.

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Hi - Hope all is well. Is there an update on this? I am constantly increasing the amount of cameras I have including the outdoor camera and the doorbell camera coming out in December. I really don’t want to share every video to Dropbox manually from every camera (I currently have 5). I’d like to have a repository of the video footage whenever I need. Looking forward to an update and hope you guys are safe out there!

Linking a dropbox to automatically sync data would be great. This way I dont have to constantly take the sd card in and out

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Still waiting for this…it’s more important to me now as I have more Wyze products in the fold. Any hope for a tentative ETA?

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