Cloud Playback / Event Playback Skipping

For my V1 Floodlight at my cabin, over half of the events are missing, skipping or just failing to upload to the cloud.
The skipping (e.g., starting at 5 seconds of a 8 second clip) happens almost all the time (75%) and fail to upload is about 15% of the time, leaving about 15% that acually work.

I have good wifi signal at the garage (use eeros for mesh to get signal). Full signal at floodlight, 70/12 speed at the router.

Floodlight is running most recent firmware
Cameras is running

I wasnt able to find a thread if one was already created, if so, please merge or point me in the direction of it.

I have three or four of those posted on Captured on WYZE from a V3 cam, Here are two, my upload speed is 24MBS.

Do you think the issue is the V3 camera or the cloud recording service?
The disappearing truck was kinda cool though :grin:

Cloud service gone nuts. The recording from the SD card was just fine.

Such a pain…so you have to find about the time it happened in ‘events’ then go to the playback to see amd hopefully you remembered the time.