Terrible live and recorded video quality - Cam v3 / Floodlight

I just recently installed my first Wyze camera, the Cam Floodlight (i.e., the Cam v3 with a floodlight fixture).

I’m finding the video quality, whether live viewing or recorded event clips from the cloud, whether day or night (IR only), pretty terrible. Most of my videos are super pixelated and incredibly overcompressed looking, like the sample that I have attached from earlier today. The motion is fuzzy and garbled. The grass looks like it has a Vaseline filter applied. You can’t make out any facial features. Notice that even after the landscaper enters and leaves the yard, the camera still seems to be struggling to record and stay focused on nothing at all happening - the yard looks overly dithered and the video is glitchy until just before the clip ends.


Compared to our two Lorex wi-fi cameras, the video quality is abysmal. I realize the Lorex cameras work fundamentally differently, with all storage and processing done locally as there is no cloud component. But I’m not sure I can blame the cloud and video compression for all of this as live streams are often just as bad.

I’ve also seen far better quality Cam v3 clips, on this forum, in reviews, and elsewhere. Is my camera a dud? Is this typical video quality for the Cam v3? Am I expecting too much?