Cloud clip | SD event: Same trigger?

Been saying pee-peep in my head so… just don’t call me late to dinner!

I’ll trade ya! If you can get those stubborn dev omitters to answer these questions, I’ll go the next step. (I’ve actually already done it - I’ll release it!) :wink:

  1. Is there a single motion detection system common to both cloud clips and SD events? and if so
  2. Is SD event detection sensitivity currently fixed at a common “50” (and if not, what’s the #?)
  3. Did anything change in the most recent firmware upgrade that would affect detection for SD events or cloud clips?

Gotta say, browsing the SD card playback events today was absolutely silky - bumping back and forth on the timeline with the arrow keys, moving around a chunk of playback with tap/hold/move, etc. No glitching, a completely new experience. It’s hard to believe it’s just an anomalous gift from the heavens, but I suppose that’s possible… :slight_smile:

Hey @Overwatch, got any comments or suggestions on the dev response, etc?

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