Common settings for Alerts and SD Card Record on Event

What about motion tagging? Will it ignore motion based on the user settings? If not, it will still be a mystery to visibly know when the slider is catching motion you want to catch.

I just looked into this and motion tagging is not related to motion sensitivity. Thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

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I’d like it to record events to the sd card, show up as events, send notifications, but not send to cloud.

Cloud on/off solves this

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So that means motion tagging will always ‘tag’ all motion? This means my #roadmap for turning the motion tagging box from green to red will still give users instant visibility of the effects of the slider instead of getting to test it every 5 minutes. Right now, if I move the slider, I can only hope the new setting will notify me when someone is walking in front of the camera instead of a squirrel. If the setting isn’t right, you have to wait 5 minutes to test a new setting. There is a better way.

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Hmmm I always thought they were. Seems like another disconnect that doesn’t make sense. As a user, given options to change settings, I think I am customizing my set up only to find that some settings are fixed by default. Very confusing.

Just to help consolidate the confirmed knowledge base:

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Thanks, peepeep!

I will give all of your feedback to the team. I know that the motion tagging is a hardware feature so I’m not sure exactly how much control we have over it (since I’m not a dev) but I’ll make sure the team sees this.

The sensitivity setting would be pushed down to the firmware (hardware code) in order for the hardware to know when to send the notifications to the cloud and when to record events to the SD card. I’m not opposed to having the SD event recording being set at 100 and the Notification sensitivity being user slide controlled, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case as @peepeep analysis pointed out. Whatever it is set at, isn’t intuitive and causes confusion. Setting them all the same would at least end some confusion. The next issue is giving the user visual feedback at where the sensitivity slide bar starts picking up motion.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll share it with the team, OverWatch. :slight_smile:

Hey, new app version, so a little inside baseball:

Made the same analysis with identical settings and scene details as here - except with

Motion detection settings | Sensitivity - 100

(vs 50)

The untabled results:

6 cloud clips | 4 SD events

over 2 hrs.

Didn’t really expect any improvement, because firmware bug reportedly caught:


Hey @OverWatch, waddaya think?

Start a topic, Confirmed by Developers, centrally listing confirmed items (in comments) as they are revealed?

If “peepeep, brilliant!”, you should do it, cuz you got the chops and stellar rep. :slight_smile:

I’m noticing that the version number that is available is slightly lower than the one I was given where the fix is present. I’ll check in on this to see if this is because the fix isn’t actually out yet or if the fix didn’t work.

I have current Android version at 4.94.28

vs 4.94.29 with maybe the fix. Yeah?

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Yup! I think that a period was omitted with the message I was given before and that the version would be I sent a message over to the dev team requesting more information and a confirmation.

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You know, what gets me is how few users are actually diligent enough to be aware of this problem. If the light is on, it must be working?
You’re killing me. In 2 hours you find a 33% failure rate in events getting recorded. What’s up with that?

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Are you getting the iOS version # too? <=Firmware, scratch that. What’s the fix again? Pushing the hidden SD event recording setting to 100? Or is it making the settings the same as the slider? I think I’m falling behind.

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The person I’m talking to thinks that the fix isn’t in the currently released version and that it’s going to be in a future version (with a higher number). We’re waiting for a verification from higher up the food chain. It is possible that you have not yet been able to test the fix.

The way I read that, the fix hasn’t been started? If so, would it be possible to push the hidden slider to 100 until the fix in underway? Or will having that many SD events get recorded cause problems?

My understanding is the fix is to sync SD recording to the same setting as cloud notifications.

I’m going to hold off on replying to your questions until I get the confirmation from higher up. I’m not sure what all is involved with the fix yet. Sorry, OverWatch!

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@peepeep, I was just told that we can try pushing your Wyze Cam to the newest test version to see if that helps. Are you interested in this or would you rather hold tight until it progresses through testing?

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